pioneer 1p Tracker

Lower Costs

  • 15% reduction in pile count 
  • Significantly lowers installation cost and potential expense of rework from refusals
  • Patented Python Clip provides rapid installation of modules by eliminating threaded fasteners and jigs

yield enhancement software

  • SunPATH software optimizes individual row backtracking from multi-row shading
  • Increases plant performance during diffuse light conditions

designed for reliability

  • Pioneer leverages FTC’s Voyager 2P validated and field tested single row dive and control systems
  • Proprietary drive requires no auxiliary power while providing data communication and power redundancy

Voyager 2p Tracker

Lower Costs

  • Up to 56% fewer posts per MW
  • Up to 41% lower installation time than industry average*
  • Less than 210 Man-hr/MW to install*


  • 2P configuration provides optimized panel performance 
  • Increased production Up to 6% with SUNPATH solar backtracking and diffuse light capture.

Design Flexibility

  • Supports 20-60% GCR
  • 60m row configuration/2P Design provides layout optimization on rugged sites, achieving optimum MW per acre with minimized grading

lean construction

  • Engineering innovations promote lean construction and ensure efficiency 
  • ongoing customer collaboration/standard operating procedure 

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